Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for us for two reasons. We closed escrow on our new condo and Zahra's glasses were ready to be picked up. Above is her last night, wearing them for the first time. She seemed to be happy wearing them and wore them without much fuss at first. She got through most of the school day today and then after school and this evening it's been a bit of a hassle to keep her from taking them off. Eventually, I'm sure she'll get used to them.
We took Zahra in to the eye doctor last year to have a routine check-up. He noticed that she might have trouble with her vision and asked us to come back in a year to see if there had been any improvement. He could tell that she was still having trouble with her left eye, so he asked if he could do a more comprehensive exam. Since Zahra's still learning her alphabet and might have trouble answering, "Now which looks better: number one or number two? Number one or number two?" (How many times does the doctor ask that when he's trying to figure out a prescription and keeps switching between different lenses?) the doctor asked if he could put drops in her eyes. I consented and we had to wait around for 45 minutes while the drops took effect. Meanwhile, we looked at frames since he was pretty sure she'd need glasses. Unfortunately, they didn't have any plastic frames that came in green so Zahra couldn't pick her favorite color! She also chose a wire framed style that didn't exactly flatter her cute face. So I kind of forced her to get these frames. When she's older, we'll let her have more autonomy when it comes to making a big decision like that. (Kids frames cost almost as much as ones for adults!)

(Zahra's ready for bed so I will continue writing this tomorrow. I have a lot more to say...) Good night for now.

(The picture above is supposed to show how the left eye needs much more correction than the right eye, which I'll explain in further detail when I finish the post "for real". Hard to get a picture, but you can see it when you look through them in person.)