Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Little Comedienne

You'll have to forgive me, for lately life has been a whirlwind of change and busy times. However, I have a quick quote to share with you.

Last week, we had the living room carpet cleaned.

Mind you, when we moved in, it was brand new and beige. A shade chosen by the previous owners. Not the carpet we would have chosen to work well with two small children, but that's how it was when we got here. We knew from the get-go that it would get dirty. We were very liberal with bringing drinks in the living room, letting the kids walk around with juice boxes, pretty much anything. So of course, within a few months, juice spilled and we would sop it up with a towel. But of course the sugars would attract dirt and it would dry into an ugly mess.

Then we couldn't take it any more so we called Chem Dry. The guy came in and did a deep clean and used really hot water and carbonation to break down the sugars so that not only would the stains disappear but they would not attract dirt again and have the same spots reappear weeks later.

After the Chem Dry guy was done, I left the house to give the carpet some time to dry. Max and I had lunch on Willie's lunch break at a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Fountain Valley. After we took Daddy back to work, Max and I went to pick up Zahra from school. I explained to her that the living room carpet had been cleaned and that we couldn't bring drinks in there any more. Unless it was something that would just leave vacummable (did I just invent a word?!) crumbs, it would have to be consumed on the tile floor in the kitchen or dining area.

Her response was classic, comical Zahra: "Awesome! That means we can just mess it all up again!" She was totally joking but it was pretty funny how she came up with that response so quickly.

Ah... my dear little comedienne.